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Marketing + Technology = inspired buyer journeys
The union of marketing & technology is reinventing how marketers do their job. Thousands of solutions, tools and platforms promise to drive efficient and effective marketing; creativity, convenience and accuracy are creating a win-win for marketers and their customers like never before.

But like every story, this one has its challenges too.
The constantly evolving landscape, and digital transformation in work and life are adding new layers of complexity to marketing. There is a solution for everything, but which one will work for you? These choices can be - and are - overwhelming for everyone - SMBs, Enterprises, and even the most seasoned marketing professional.

And that is where MarTech Advisor aims to be your most valuable ally.
As the world’s leading and dedicated source of unbiased research, news, resources and expert commentary on marketing technology, we take our responsibility towards marketers very seriously and passionately. Our content is designed to arm you - the sales & marketing professional – with all the information and insight you need to succeed.

  1. Stay on top of the rapidly evolving marketing software products landscape - easily research, compare and select the right solutions for your needs.
  2. Where you are already invested, MarTech Advisor shows you ways to leverage technology more effectively and productively.
  3. Continuously add value to your knowledge base, skill sets and career progression as a marketing or sales professional.

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MarTechAdvisor.com is part of the Ziff Davis B2B media network. MarTech Advisor has evolved to become one the fastest growing media brands providing unbiased news, industry perspectives and in-depth research for Marketing professionals.

Our community consists of over a million professionals, and includes industry leaders – especially CMOs and Marketing experts, HR leaders and CIOs/CTOs across diverse B2B verticals. Many of them regularly share their expertise on our properties, with enriching articles and studies. Some of the leading marketing technology brands like Salesforce, IBM, Radius, Domo and SharpSpring have partnered with one or more of our media properties to reach and engage their targeted audiences to drive marketing performance across the funnel.

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