How to Power Your MarTech Strategy & Stack for Journey Orchestration

  • Mike Braund, Global Head of Marketing Ops @ Tableau
  • Scott Vaughan, Chief Growth Officer @ Integrate

We’re at an inflection point in B2B marketing and in MarTech. The first-generation approach to “Modern Marketing” ¬– powered by a collection of tools affectionately called your “MarTech Stack” - is running out of steam, piling up debt and bad data every day. Why?

How companies buy and how B2B teams sell and market is changing, fast. We’re trying to move from linear lead gen funnels to buyer’s journeys with account-based strategy and personalize experiences to adapt to the new buyer-seller dynamic. The challenge is the infrastructure, processes, data models, and campaign strategies we use today were built for old models.

Join Mike Braund, Global Director of Marketing Operations, to hear what the Tableau marketing and ops teams are doing to overhaul and evolve their tech infrastructure, data models, program approach (and more) to meet these changing requirements. Scott Vaughan, Chief Growth Officer of Integrate, will provide perspective on the changing marketing tech landscape and the ramifications for B2B teams. These real-world marketing leaders will tackle critical topics in this new era of “journeys” and “orchestration”, including how to:

  • Navigate the buyer and market changes holding many B2B marketing and revenue teams back
  • Evolve from managing marketing and sales funnels to power buyer and customer journeys
  • Shift from a marketing automation to an orchestration strategy and mindset
  • Efficiently deal with tech debt and dirty data during this important transition
  • Get on the right path to manage expectations and deliver against ever-increasing growth numbers

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