Video Ads

    How In-Game Advertisements Are Benefitting Brands as Well as Gamers

    Vaibhav Odhekar Co-Founder & COO, POKKT

    Mobile Marketing

    5 mins read Jan 09, 2020

    This article explores the rise of in-app advertising as a more targeted form of advertisement, along with the new ways for brands to be able to reach their audiences without hampering or blocking ...

    Will CTV Advertising Take Over Mobile in 2019?

    Anna Kuzmenko COO, Fiksu


    3 mins read Oct 02, 2019

    Marketing advisors are already calling Connected TV the future of video advertising. However, statistics illustrate that it’s the dominating channel of today, already! Anna Kuzmenko, Fiksu COO ...

    What Is Programmatic Advertising? Definition, Types, Channel, and Advantages

    Indrajeet Deshpande Contributor, Ziff Davis B2B


    10 mins read Sep 23, 2019

    Programmatic advertising is the automation of ad buying and selling. Learn more about the concept of programmatic, its types, channels, examples, and advantages.

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