Marketing Automation

    Why Blockchain Occupies a Unique Seat at the Advertising Table

    Prateek Dayal CSO, Aqilliz

    Blockchain in Marketing

    4 mins read Apr 09, 2020

    As the innovation agenda continues to take the front seat in the world of advertising, blockchain technology has emerged as a promising answer for greater transparency, automation, and ...

    How to Get Brand Protection When Getting Email

    Emily Andrews Marketing Specialist, Community Contributor

    Marketing Automation

    4 mins read Apr 07, 2020

    It takes a considerable amount of time, effort, and resources to build relationships with your customers based on trust, but that confidence is always under attack from cybercriminals, writes, Emily ...

    95% Marketers Agree Personalization is Key for Event Success, Reports Bizzabo

    Ameya Dusane Sr. Content Operations Associate, MarTech Advisor

    Marketing Automation

    2 mins read Mar 27, 2020

    The majority of marketers from businesses that are overperforming in relation to their business goals (95%) believe that providing their attendees with a personalized event experience is important to ...

    Is Gmail Swinging the Vote for President? Not a Chance

    Tom Sather Senior Director Marketing, Validity

    Marketing Automation

    3 mins read Mar 16, 2020

    Inbox providers like Gmail leverage technology to improve relevancy and experience, which has proved challenging for some presidential candidates to overcome, writes, Tom Sather is a Senior Director ...

    SpotOn Raises $50 M, Funding to Be Used for Accelerating its Payment Platform

    Ameya Dusane Sr. Content Operations Associate, MarTech Advisor

    Marketing Automation

    2 mins read Mar 11, 2020

    The $50 million in funding will be used to continue SpotOn’s investment into product development building solutions for specific verticals

    Pipedrive Acquires Mailigen To Strengthen Email Marketing Capabilities

    Ameya Dusane Sr. Content Operations Associate, MarTech Advisor


    2 mins read Mar 09, 2020

    Mailigen is an intuitive email automation platform offering flexible solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.

    What Is Marketing Automation? Definition, Types, Objectives, Best Practices With Examples

    Raj Roy Sr Manager for Editorial Content and Assets, Ziff Davis B2B

    Marketing Automation

    10 mins read Mar 05, 2020

    Everything you need to know on marketing automation- what it is, what it does, its levels and best practices with examples.

    Valimail, Announces Availability of DMARC Monitor, a Cloud-based Solution For Email Marketing

    Ameya Dusane Sr. Content Operations Associate, MarTech Advisor

    Marketing Automation

    2 mins read Mar 02, 2020

    Valimail delivers the only complete, cloud-native platform for validating and authenticating sender identity to stop phishing, protect and amplify brands, and ensure compliance. 

    Marketing Updates from Feb. 2020: Featuring Salesforce, Merkle, Uber, and More

    Merilyn Pereira Editor, Ziff Davis B2B

    Marketing Automation

    8 mins read Feb 28, 2020

    February 2020 kept us all on our toes with special celebrations, news, and many reports and studies. Here are the essential marketing updates for the month.

    What is Tactile Marketing Automation? Definition, Best Practices, Real-World Examples

    Nick Runyon CMO, PFL

    Marketing Automation

    4 mins read Feb 26, 2020

    This article by Nick Runyon, CMO of PFL, reveals what exactly Tactile Marketing Automation is and does, and how to leverage it for more effective multichannel marketing.  

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