What is Customer Data Management (CDM)? Definition, Best Practices and Technology Platforms

    Chitra Iyer Editor in Chief , MarTech Advisor

    Customer Data Management

    15 mins read Oct 15, 2019

    Customer Data Management (CDM) is the processes of acquiring, analyzing, and organizing customer data. Learn more about its key components, best practices and technology platforms with examples.

    What is Audience Management? Definition, Maturity Levels and Strategies

    Chitra Iyer Editor in Chief , MarTech Advisor

    Customer Data Management

    6 mins read Oct 04, 2019

    “Audience Management” is defined as the process of sourcing, managing, analyzing, defining, and activating customer data for cross-channel campaigns.

    The Key Differentiators between DMP and CDP

    Bijoy K B Head of Content Marketing , Lemnisk

    Customer Data Management

    3 mins read Aug 06, 2019

    Customer Data Platform or CDP is a new digital platform that’s generating a lot of buzz in the adtech and martech worlds. How does it match up against the age-old DMP? answers, Bijoy BK, Head of ...

    Hyper-Personalization: The Role of Data and Technology

    Sajith Thayappalli Senior Director Marketing Technology , Merkle

    Marketing Analytics

    6 mins read Jul 18, 2019

    Sajith Thayappalli, Senior Director, Marketing Technology, Merkle helps to familiarize the concept of hyper-personalization and explains how data and technology tools together help the implementation ...

    Latest Forrester Report Confirms Salesforce As the Leader in Data Management Platforms

    Ameya Dusane Content Coordinator , MarTech Advisor


    2 mins read Jul 12, 2019

    Salesforce’s Data Management Platform (DMP), Audience Studio, is part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which enables marketers to know, personalize and engage their customers across every ...

    What Is Customer Data? Definition, Types, Collection, Validation and Analysis

    Indrajeet Deshpande Freelance Contributor , Ziff Davis B2B

    Customer Data Management

    15 mins read Jun 26, 2019

    Customer data is defined as the information your customers provide while interacting with your business. Learn more about its types, collection, validation and analysis methods.

    Acronym or Imperative: What is a DMP and Do I Need One?

    Daniella Harkins Chief Evangelist , LiveRamp

    Customer Data Management

    4 mins read Jun 21, 2019

    Daniella Harkins weighs in with advice for brands and agencies consistently seeking to evaluate which of the varying technology platforms will meet their specific marketing needs — starting with the ...

    IQ Data Introduces IQ Audiences Leverages Mobile AdIDs to Simplify Advertising

    Ameya Dusane Content Coordinator , MarTech Advisor


    2 mins read Jun 17, 2019

    IQ Audiences leverages Mobile AdIDs as opposed to cookies to support advertisers to create highly targeted campaigns and increase ROI in their advertising investment.  

    The Forrester Wave Names Adobe as a Leader for Data Management Platform

    Ameya Dusane Content Coordinator , MarTech Advisor

    Marketing Analytics

    2 mins read Jun 14, 2019

    Adobe Audience Manager is an industry-leading DMP that helps brands accelerate CXM by creating and activating high-value audiences on any device or channel.

    For More Comprehensive Customer Identity, Marketers Need a CRM + DMP

    Laura Carrier VP, Data & Measurement Strategy , MediaMath

    Customer Data Management

    3 mins read May 10, 2019

    Why marketers must use data-management platforms and check whether customer data platforms might further connect MarTech and AdTech efforts, writes Laura Carrier.

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