Digital Transformation

    We Took Our 500-Person User Conference Virtual in Just 5 Days: Here’s What We Learned

    Dayana Nevo VP Marketing, WalkMe

    Digital Transformation

    4 mins read Apr 10, 2020

    In this article, Dayana Orlan-Nevo, VP Product and Corporate Marketing of WalkMe discusses how a digital adoption platform company cancelled their first user conference scheduled to take place in San ...

    How Marketers Can Use Second-Party Data + Global Voice, Video, Social Trends | S3 EP 04


    mins read Mar 17, 2020

    Report of the week: HootSuite’s Global Digital Overview 2020 Top 3 takeaways from the report we discuss: 1. What customer engagement is going to look like in 2020 and beyond: leveraging ...

    An A to Z Playbook for Conversational Marketing

    Chiradeep BasuMallick Contributor, Ziff Davis B2B

    Conversational Marketing

    6 mins read Mar 13, 2020

    Conversational marketing helps generate more leads and strengthen existing customer relationships. Get started in 2020 with our A to Z guide.

    Constantly Evolve Your Brand’s Digital Presence

    Kenneth Lewis CEO, OneGold and APMEX

    Digital Transformation

    4 mins read Mar 11, 2020

    With industries constantly evolving and costumer expectations always shifting, change is not just welcomed, but required. This article touches on the top five ways businesses should handle this ...

    A Marketer’s Guide to Navigating the Era of the Digital Reflex in 2020

    Angie Mistretta CMO, AppDynamics

    Digital Transformation

    3 mins read Mar 04, 2020

    AppDynamics CMO Angie Mistretta examines how consumer preferences in the digital era have evolved, and what marketers can do to ensure their brand stays top of mind for consumers as expectations ...

    What We Can Learn from DTCs: Harnessing the Power of TV

    Jo Kinsella CRO and EVP, TVSquared


    4 mins read Jan 28, 2020

    Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have disrupted the entire retail landscape, successfully changing consumers’ online purchasing habits. Jo Kinsella, CRO & EVP at TVSquared, outlines what DTC brands ...

    Digital Experience Platforms: Myths and Realities Behind the Hype 

    Shashin Shah Chief Executive Officer, Pimcore

    Digital Transformation

    4 mins read Jan 21, 2020

    Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) play an integral role in the digital transformation journey of any company. In this article, Shashin Shah, CEO of Pimcore, outlines the myths surrounding these ...

    In 2020, Marketers Must Keep Their Eyes on the Ball

    Jennifer Dodos Director of Marketing Communications, Mavenlink

    Digital Transformation

    4 mins read Jan 16, 2020

    In 2020, marketers may find themselves learning a thing or two from sports teams. In this article, Jen Dodos explains how marketers can get their houses in order, maximize what they have, and keep ...

    What's in Store for the Marketing Technologist in 2020?

    Chiradeep BasuMallick Contributor, Ziff Davis B2B

    Martech Skills

    5 mins read Jan 16, 2020

    Will the marketing technologists’ salary and job description witness a major shift this year? We share predictions from leading industry experts.

    What's the Future of Women in Martech? Hear From 7 Leading Female Professionals

    Chiradeep BasuMallick Contributor, Ziff Davis B2B

    Martech Skills

    5 mins read Jan 10, 2020

    Women in martech drive innovation like never before. Read insights from 7 female marketers on martech trends and the need for STEM education.

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