Conversational Marketing

    10 Reasons Your Marketing Strategy Must Include WhatsApp Right Now

    Vandita Grover Contributor, Ziff Davis B2B

    Social Media Marketing

    5 mins read Mar 30, 2020

    Is WhatsApp marketing part of your strategy? Here are 10 reasons your 2020 marketing plan needs it.

    An A to Z Playbook for Conversational Marketing

    Chiradeep BasuMallick Contributor, Ziff Davis B2B

    Conversational Marketing

    6 mins read Mar 13, 2020

    Conversational marketing helps generate more leads and strengthen existing customer relationships. Get started in 2020 with our A to Z guide.

    How Conversational AI Is Empowering the Next Leap in Digital Communication

    Henry Vaage Iversen Co Founder and CCO,

    AI in Marketing

    4 mins read Mar 02, 2020

    As technology makes it possible to automate even the most complex requests in a matter of seconds, the phrase “as fast as humanly possible” is not likely to survive the new decade.

    3 Ways to Build Consumer Trust in Chatbots 

    Abinash Tripathy Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Helpshift

    Conversational Marketing

    4 mins read Feb 20, 2020

    Society and commerce are approaching the point where AI and automation are necessary to meet the rising customer service needs and expectations of those accustomed to an Amazon-level customer journey. ...

    How to Improve E-Commerce Consumer Experience in 2020

    Toby Britton Co-founder & CMO, Miappi


    4 mins read Jan 27, 2020

    Toby Britton, CMO at Miappi explores how brands can improve their e-commerce experience in 2020 by using marketing tools such as user-generated content to personalize their consumer experience in an ...

    9 Commandments for Using Chatbots to Deliver Great Content Experience

    Sairam Vedam Chief Revenue Officer,

    Conversational Marketing

    4 mins read Dec 26, 2019

    In a world overwhelmed with content, marketers can ensure their story stands out, writes, Sairam Vedam, CMO,  

    3 Reasons Web-Based AR Should Be in Every Marketer’s Toolkit

    Caspar Thykier Chief Executive Officer, Zappar

    Interactive Marketing

    4 mins read Dec 16, 2019

    This article by Caspar Thykier, Zappar, Chief Executive Officer explores how Augmented Reality (AR) technology is becoming more accessible to marketers through the evolution of Mobile WebAR.

    4 Tips to Create Your Conversational Marketing Blueprint for 2020

    Chiradeep BasuMallick Contributor, Ziff Davis B2B

    Interactive Marketing

    5 mins read Nov 21, 2019

    What is conversational marketing? How can it help engage customers? Find out about the conversational marketing platforms for 2020.

    8 Ways to Turn Up Customer Satisfaction with Conversational AI

    Tracey Robinson Director of Cognitive Implementation, IPsoft

    Customer Experience

    5 mins read Aug 01, 2019

    Conversational AI has quickly evolved as arguably the most powerful tool to meet modern customers’ demands for accessibility, personalization and responsiveness. As marketers scramble to figure out ...

    Did You Get the Message? Conversational Commerce Is Here

    Christine Purcell Director, Messenger Marketing, Facebook

    Content Experience

    4 mins read Jul 11, 2019

    Conversational commerce is a growing trend and CMOs and marketers need to embrace these new channels to deepen their connections with consumers and grow their ROI, writes Christine Purcell, Director ...

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