Sensible Martech Choices, Latest Marketing Surveys, and Identity Resolution News | S3 EP 02


    mins read Feb 19, 2020

    This week we talk about making sensible Martech stack decisions in the giant Martech candy store; what makes the ‘D2C approach’ work, findings from 3 new marketing surveys; and David Raab’s ...

    Content, Programmatic Direct Mail, and the CMO’s ‘S’ Remit| S1 EP 15


    mins read Sep 03, 2018

    Week of 27th August to 31st August 2018 1. Lots of content about content:  We talk about content creation being more than a sum of its parts (data, AI, search etc.) – how can marketers elevate ...

    MTA Week Watch: Top Skills of an Email Marketing Manager, Bynder to Acquire Shutterstock’s Webdam, Unity Technologies' New Partnership

    Paroma Sen Former Senior Features Writer, MarTech Advisor

    Martech News

    5 mins read Feb 19, 2018

    Some say 2018 is the year of minimalism while some say it will be the year of the customer! What do you think? Trends last week suggested that email marketing, video content and data will dominate ...

    3 GDPR Preparation Tips to Help US Martech Companies

    Lidia Luttin Chief Marketing Officer, Bynder

    Data Governance

    6 mins read Jan 15, 2018

    Just because you're based in the US doesn't mean that you shouldn't take GDPR seriously. Lidia Lüttin, CMO of Bynder, offers a few considerations to help those who aren't ready get the jumpstart they ...

    Digital Asset Management: (DAM)n, it Makes Life Easier!

    Abhinandan Ghosh Former Features Writer, MarTech Advisor

    Digital Asset Management

    5 mins read Sep 14, 2017

    MarTech Advisor takes on the DAM ride!

    Learn by Doing! Lidia Lüttin, CMO at Bynder on Marketing Skills to Excel

    Ginger Conlon Contributing Editor, MarTech Advisor

    Martech Skills

    5 mins read Aug 14, 2017

    In this interview, Lidia explains why marketers today, need to be data-driven and revenue-driven; she discusses the importance of building networks and exchanging knowledge through various forums – ...

    Increasing Content ROI with DAM, Lidia Lüttin, CMO at Bynder Explains

    Ginger Conlon Contributing Editor, MarTech Advisor

    Digital Asset Management

    5 mins read Aug 14, 2017

    Watch Bynder CMO, Lidia Luttin, share insights on Digital Asset Management (DAM) and how marketers can achieve brand consistency across channels with DAM. She explains why marketers need DAM tools to ...

    Bynder Launches Orbit as a Free Digital Asset Management Solution

    Sneha Nalawade Sr. Manager - Content, Ziff Davis B2B

    Digital Asset Management

    5 mins read Jul 25, 2017

    Bynder Orbit makes it quick and easy to manage creative files, saving marketers and other business users significant time in uploading, sharing and collaborating on files

    Bynder Raises $22.3 Million - Major Milestone in Brand Automation

    Sneha Nalawade Sr. Manager - Content, Ziff Davis B2B

    Digital Asset Management

    5 mins read Aug 12, 2016

    Bynder, a branding automation firm, has announced that it has raised $22.3 million in Series A funding led by New York-based Insight Venture Partners. As a part of this deal, Jeff Horing, Managing ...

    Employee Engagement Begins With Company Culture

    Chris Hall CEO, Bynder

    Sales Enablement

    5 mins read Feb 22, 2016

    Chris Hall, CEO at Bynder, discusses how their employee engagement activities have resulted in low employee attrition rate and how such activities can further employee advocacy for brands.

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