Brand Loyalty

    How Can Brands Navigate Crisis in a Way That Safeguards Their Future? 

    Yuval Ben-Itzhak CEO, Socialbakers

    Customer Experience

    4 mins read Mar 31, 2020

    In this article Yuval Ben-Itzhak, CEO, Socialbakers talks about how businesses can navigate the COVID-19 crisis and safeguard their future. He also shares tips to help businesses and brands not only ...

    3 Best Valentine's Day Marketing Campaigns of 2020

    Vandita Grover Contributor, Ziff Davis B2B

    Customer Experience

    5 mins read Feb 14, 2020

    Brands are going beyond love and romance with their Valentine's Day marketing campaigns in 2020. Here are three campaigns we loved.

    How to Capture Brand Content Like the Pros  

    Eli Ash Head of Production, Mustache

    Content Marketing

    3 mins read Feb 11, 2020

    Eli Ash, Head of Production at Mustache, a Brooklyn-based creative content agency, part of Cognizant Interactive, shares her advice on how to tackle the ins and outs of creating video elements for ...

    How Brand Safety Burned 66% of Game Of Thrones News

    Jonathan Marciano Director Of Communications, CheQ

    Content Marketing

    4 mins read Jan 08, 2020

    Brand safety keyword blacklists saw publishers denied ad dollars for 66% of online news stories about Game of Thrones, at the same time as readers flocked to read about the hit show, writes, Jonathan ...

    Breaking Through the Noise: 4 Tips For Getting Your Brand Noticed Online 

    Corey Quinn Chief Marketing Officer, Scorpion

    Customer Experience

    3 mins read Jan 02, 2020

    How brands can break through the noise of internet marketing and improve customer loyalty, writes, Corey Quinn, CMO, Scorpion.

    CallMiner Raises $75M in Funds; Expands Its AI Analytics Solution

    Ameya Dusane Sr. Content Operations Associate, MarTech Advisor

    AI in Marketing

    2 mins read Dec 17, 2019

    This funding will enable CallMiner to help more organizations drive significant improvements in business performance, creating a better customer experience and greater brand loyalty.

    Optimizing Customer Journey over a Lifetime

    Michelle Tilton VP - Marketing, Infutor

    Customer Experience

    5 mins read Oct 16, 2019

    Michelle Tilton, vice president of marketing at Infutor shares customer journey optimization insights for building loyal lifetime customers. By following customers’ life journeys with privacy ...

    Not Translating Your Customer Portals? You May Be Harming Brand Loyalty

    Craig Witt Chief Revenue Officer, MotionPoint

    Customer Experience

    3 mins read Sep 18, 2019

    Keeping new international customers takes care and positive engagement, including catering to their needs in secure login experiences. This means localizing the full customer experience, including ...

    How Brands can Win With Account-Based Marketing

    Isabelle Papoulias Account Executive, 6sense

    Account Based Marketing (ABM)

    3 mins read Jun 27, 2019

    By adopting an Account Based Orchestration platform powered by AI, Mediafly has empowered its revenue team with actionable insights to accelerate demand and win in the modern age of B2B buying, ...

    Frontify Accelerates Its Presence with Office Expansion in USA

    Ameya Dusane Sr. Content Operations Associate, MarTech Advisor

    Cloud & Integration

    2 mins read Jun 26, 2019

    The all-in-one brand management software company expands its global presence with a third location – first in the US – in New York City.

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