B2b Marketing

    What Content Marketing Tactics to Use in 2020

    Lilach Bullock Digital marketing specialist , Lilach Bullock dot Com

    Content Marketing

    6 mins read Nov 13, 2019

    In this article, Lilach Bullock talks about what marketers can expect in 2020 when its comes to content marketing. She also points out six trends that will surely make headway in the market.

    3 Ways a Podcast Improves Customer Engagement

    Rachel Downey Co-founder and President , Share Your Genius

    Customer Experience

    4 mins read Nov 12, 2019

    Rachel Downey, Co-founder, and President of Share Your Genius, in this article talks about marketers can use podcasting as a tool to increase customer engagement and the overall customer experience.

    3 Ways to Design Rapid Testing Capable of Transforming Your Business

    Patty Parobek Director of Integrated Marketing Strategy , Tenlo

    Digital Transformation

    4 mins read Nov 07, 2019

    There are a handful of times when rapid testing in B2B shines: when you’re unsure if a new marketing channel would work; when you’re bringing a new product to market; when you need to test new ...

    The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Business Transformation  

    Ann Sung Ruckstuhl Chief Marketing Officer , Unisys

    Digital Transformation

    3 mins read Nov 06, 2019

    It's not only possible for enterprise marketers to lead business transformation, it's critical that we do. But don't panic! Here are three ideas from the startup universe to get it done, says, Ann ...

    What Is Email Marketing? Definition, Tips, Best Practices, Benefits, and Examples

    Chiradeep BasuMallick Contributor , Ziff Davis B2B

    Marketing Automation

    11 mins read Nov 06, 2019

    Email marketing is a marketing strategy that includes sending promotional emails to customers. Learn about its benefits, best practices, and examples.

    Only 2% of B2B Marketers are Using Marketing Automation to Its Full Potential

    Simon Jaffery Vice President of Product , Qubit

    Marketing Automation

    4 mins read Oct 28, 2019

    A recent study by Communigator and Smart Insights has revealed just 2% of B2B marketers use marketing automation to its full potential. Simon Moss, the Marketing Director of Communigator discusses ...

    5 Public Sector Marketing Moves for Better Citizen Engagement

    Susan Ganeshan Chief Marketing Officer , Granicus

    Customer Experience

    6 mins read Oct 25, 2019

    What are private sector marketing teams doing that are good ideas for public sector communications teams to adopt? In this blog post, Susan Ganeshan, Granicus CMO, shares five high-level strategies ...

    5 Trends Shaping the Future of Media for 2020 and Beyond 

    Nadav Shoval Co-founder and CEO , Spot.IM

    Digital Transformation

    4 mins read Oct 23, 2019

    How, loyal, interest-focused communities are driving innovation and value creation in ways we haven’t seen since the web first emerged as a viable platform in 1991, shares, Nadav Shoval, CEO & ...

    Sidetrade Names Tech Veteran David Turner as New CMO

    Ameya Dusane Content Coordinator , MarTech Advisor

    Machine Learning & AI

    2 mins read Oct 23, 2019

    AI firm Sidetrade has appointed tech industry veteran David Turner to lead its marketing group. David joins Sidetrade from major US software vendor Oracle NetSuite, where he was senior director, EMEA ...

    Tech-Driven Marketing: Four Capabilities Marketers Need Today

    Paul Iaffaldano Chief Investment Officer , BIP Capital

    Marketing Analytics

    4 mins read Oct 21, 2019

    Our growing access to staggering amounts of data, in fact, along with our evolving ability to parse and analyze that data, is enabling marketers to know more about consumer behavior, preferences, and ...

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