20 Expert WFH Tips for Marketers in the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Merilyn Pereira Editor, Ziff Davis B2B

    Martech Skills

    18 mins read Mar 18, 2020

    Coronavirus fears have led to millions working remotely. For marketing and sales teams, what are the best tips and tools to work effectively during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak?

    What Marketers Can Expect from the Customer Data Platform Boom

    Mike Anderson Co-founder and CTO, Tealium

    Customer Data Management

    4 mins read Mar 12, 2020

    In the past two years, CDPs have grown from a martech curiosity however, as firms look to add CDPs to their technical stack, they’re becoming confused by the broad offerings Tealium's Mike Anderson ...

    In 2020, Marketers Must Keep Their Eyes on the Ball

    Jennifer Dodos Director of Marketing Communications, Mavenlink

    Digital Transformation

    4 mins read Jan 16, 2020

    In 2020, marketers may find themselves learning a thing or two from sports teams. In this article, Jen Dodos explains how marketers can get their houses in order, maximize what they have, and keep ...

    What Is Email Automation? Definition, Benchmarks, Marketing Best Practices with Examples

    Chiradeep BasuMallick Contributor, Ziff Davis B2B

    Marketing Automation

    11 mins read Nov 20, 2019

    Email automation is the technology used to simplify marketing efforts and expand reach. Learn about email automation with examples from SendGrid, MailChimp, etc.

    BIMI Email Standard Decoded: Best Practices, Benefits, and Way Forward

    Indrajeet Deshpande Contributor, Ziff Davis B2B

    Marketing Automation

    5 mins read Nov 12, 2019

    The BIMI standard is here to improve email marketing. Learn more about BIMI, how to implement it, benefits, and what the future holds for marketers.

    Only 2% of B2B Marketers Are Using Marketing Automation to Its Full Potential

    Simon Moss Marketing Director, CommuniGator

    Marketing Automation

    4 mins read Oct 28, 2019

    A recent study by Communigator and Smart Insights has revealed just 2% of B2B marketers use marketing automation to its full potential. Simon Moss, the marketing director of Communigator discusses ...

    Why Are Brands Turning to Omnichannel Experiences Blending Automation & Live Agents 

    Jeffrey Singman VP Product, Kandy

    Customer Experience

    4 mins read Oct 23, 2019

    In today’s always-on world, people are more connected than ever, moving more and more of their conversations to messaging apps and social media, blurring the line between business and personal ...

    Using Technology to Maximize Marketing Effectiveness

    Sherri Kolomayz Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Infor

    Marketing Automation

    4 mins read Jul 03, 2019

    Sherri Kolomayz, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Infor, shares why marketers shouldn't be shying away from technology, instead embracng it for their betterment and to increase productivity.

    Why Customer Experience Matters Even More in 2019: Q&A; with Matt Zilli of Marketo, An Adobe Company

    Neha Pradhan Editor Interviews, Ziff Davis B2B

    Marketing Automation

    5 mins read Jun 27, 2019

    Matt Zilli, VP, Go-to-Market at Marketo, discusses the importance of customer experience in 2019. Learn how customer experience is the new brand strategy.

    4 Tips to Help Set Your B2B Marketing Team Apart

    Sherri Kolomayz Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Infor

    Customer Experience

    4 mins read Mar 27, 2019

    Here are four tips that can help to fine-tune customer experience with a thoughtful marketing strategy that will set your team apart.

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