Accountbased Marketing

    How to Leverage the Top 3 Data Analytics Trends of 2020

    Sam Melnick VP, Market Insights & Growth, Allocadia

    Marketing Analytics

    4 mins read Jan 16, 2020

    2020 will bring new data analytics trends that pose fundamental changes to the ways many marketers manage and leverage their data. With some groundwork, these trends can empower teams to make more ...

    Account-Based Marketing: Why the Not-So-Nascent Market Is Ripe for Disruption

    Tom O Regan CEO, Madison Logic

    Account Based Marketing (ABM)

    4 mins read Jan 07, 2020

    In the wake of digital transformation, account-based marketing is starting to surge in popularity as more organizations recognize the value in targeted approach and strategy, here's why, writes, Tom ...

    5 Years of MarTech Advisor: Celebrating With Our Top 5 Reads

    Merilyn Pereira Editor, Ziff Davis B2B

    Customer Experience

    4 mins read Oct 14, 2019

    MarTech Advisor Turns 5 today, October 14, 2019. We’re taking the time to reflect and review the past five years and how we’ve evolved.

    B2B Marketers: How to Unlock ABM Success

    Sangram Vajre Co-founder and Chief Evangelist, Terminus

    Account Based Marketing (ABM)

    4 mins read Sep 10, 2019

    B2B marketers looking for big-time business transformations need to challenge the status quo and focus on what really matters – building relationships. An account-based marketing strategy does just ...

    What Is Behavioral Scoring In Account- Based Advertising, And Why Does It Matter?

    Dmitri Lisitski CEO & Co-Founder, Influ2

    Account Based Marketing (ABM)

    3 mins read Sep 06, 2019

    The effect produced by account-based advertising is often hard to measure. Here is how and why we use behavioral scoring to measure efficiency of person-based ads in our ABM strategy, shares, Dmitri ...

    Become a Channel Champion with ABM

    Latane Conant Chief Marketing Officer, 6sense

    Account Based Marketing (ABM)

    3 mins read Sep 04, 2019

    If B2B companies are going to make it in today’s competitive market, they need to optimize their channel partners. Just like your account-based strategy delivers results for your revenue team, ...

    Bombora and LiveRamp Create Digital Advertising Solution: Marketers Rejoice!

    Merilyn Pereira Editor, Ziff Davis B2B


    4 mins read Aug 30, 2019

    LiveRamp and Bombora partnered to develop digital advertising solution leveraging account-based marketing and behavioral insights. Takeaways for marketers.

    Folloze–Demandbase Integration: How AI Driven Personalization Transforms B2B Enterprises

    Neha Pradhan Editor Interviews, Ziff Davis B2B

    Account Based Marketing (ABM)

    5 mins read Aug 30, 2019

    David Brutman, CPO and Co-Founder, Folloze talks about AI-driven ABM personalization. Find out what’s next in Folloze’s go-to market strategies and more.

    Why Marketers Need an Account-Based Marketing Framework: Q&A; With Madison Logic’s CEO, Tom O’Regan

    Neha Pradhan Editor Interviews, Ziff Davis B2B

    Account Based Marketing (ABM)

    5 mins read Aug 29, 2019

    Madison Logic’s CEO, Tom O’Regan, discusses the ideal framework for account-based marketing (ABM). Find out why ABM is so essential for marketers today.

    Cision and Edelman’s Exclusive Partnership: What This Means for Marketers

    Merilyn Pereira Editor, Ziff Davis B2B

    Cloud & Integration

    3 mins read Aug 14, 2019

    Cision and Edelman announced their exclusive agency partnership. What is earned media, and how will this move impact marketing? We asked both companies exclusively.

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